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Application for Permit for Other Uses of Wildlife




  1. (2) Duly accomplished application form, both with recent 2” x 2” photo of the applicant
  2. In case of animal shows using wildlife, Clearance/Registration from the Animal Welfare Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry pursuant to Republic Act 8485 Animal Welfare Act
  3. In case of imported animals, no importation shall be permitted except upon deposit of a bond with PAWB in an amount equal to the transport cost of the animals back to the Owner-country of Origin. Import/Re-export permits shall be secured in accordance to DAO 2004-55 Section 8


  1. (2) Duly accomplished application form, both with recent 2” x 2” photo of the applicant
  2. Letter request specifying the species, quantity and areas of collection or area, subject of documentation, as the case may be
  3. Prior clearance from the affected communities, i.e. concerned LGU’s, recognized Head of Indigenous Cultural Communities (ICC) in accordance with RA 8371, or Protected Area Management Board (PAMB)
  4. Citizenship verification papers, if citizenship is by Naturalization


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For more inquiries, you may call (02) 775-3300 local ____ or you may now proceed to Apply for Permit for Other Uses of Wildlife. Please click button to proceed.

Proceed to Online Application Form

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