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8 10 DENR XI Officials visits field officesDENR XI Regional Executive Director Bagani Fidel A. Evasco revisited field offices earlier this month to ensure the continuous implementation of the agency’s programs, projects and activities within Davao Region.

RED Evasco directed all employees to give their full support and cooperation to the newly appointed DENR Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga whose leadership anchors on scientific and research-based approach.

His visit to the field offices was also meant to assure the officials and personnel that all commitments made in his term will be materialized- all for better and more efficient public service. The director also purposely met the personnel to talk through issues and concerns and distinguish ones that can be addressed immediately.

The visit commenced from the north and culminated to the south field offices of the Davao Region. It covered the offices of PENRO Davao Oriental, PENRO Davao Occidental, PENRO Davao del Sur and CENROs Monkayo, Baganga, Manay, Mati, Maco, Malalag and Digos.

As what he consistently asserts, corruption during his term is non-permissible. The director once again delivered a stern warning to employees who are involved in such practices to which he stressed has reached his office.

“Undangi na na ninyo kung tinuod man. Niligdong lang nga pagpanerbisyo ang akong gipangayo sa inyo. Ang empleyado nga modawat ug kwarta o suhol, gibaligya na pud niya ang iya'ng dignidad ug integridad. Ayaw mo pagpabadlong kay andam mi modepensa ninyo kung naa mo sa katarungan”, RED Evasco said.

(“Should it be true, stop it already. All I asked is an honest public service. If you are corrupt, then you have sold your dignity and integrity. Otherwise, be a public servant driven with honor and honesty, only then you will have me to defend you.”

Moreover, he clarifies the imposition of personnel reshuffling that transpired in the previous months was not related to any issues but was otherwise perceived by the management as an opportunity for career development, working outside their comfort zone.

On the other hand, Assistant Regional Executive Director for Management Services Atty. Ma. Mercedes V. Dumagan, who accompanied RED Evasco discussed current updates particularly on the filling-up of vacant positions, accomplishment reports with corresponding Means of Verification (MOV), the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, budgetary requirements for properties(buildings) and equipment (motor vehicle, IT equipment).

Assistant Regional Executive Director for Special Concerns Engr. Maribel P. Alicer, who also joined the visit discussed the importance of a one control map. She mentioned that they are now preparing to harmonize the maps which will be used to determine political boundaries, jurisdictional/administrative boundaries.

RED Evasco and the two AREDs left an assurance to everyone that the regional top management will remain committed in providing what is needed at the best of their ability. The officials likewise encouraged them to remain steadfast in delivering quality services to the people.

8 2 Lumber DealerDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources-XI (DENR-XI) headed by Regional Executive Director Bagani Fidel A. Evasco awards a Certificate of Registration to 8 lumber dealers operating within Davao City last July 29, 2022 held at DENR-XI Conference Room.

With RED Evasco were Assistant Regional Executive Director for Technical Services Victor T. Billiones and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) for Davao City Juvy C. Hofileña.

The Certificate of Registration is issued to dealers of lumbers, logs, poles or piles upon registration with the DENR and serves as a permit for dealers to engage in the trade of finished forest products.

In Davao City, there are a total of 65 registered lumber dealers having a local source of logs/lumbers while there are 19 registered lumber dealers having a source through imports. Each registered lumber dealer is required to submit monthly lumber production and disposition report to their respective Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO).

Moreover, RED Evasco also had a dialogue with the lumber dealers during the event and reminded them to always comply with the requirements for their Certificate of Registration which has a validity for 1 year. He also warned them not to give in to the corrupt practices of other officials as he has received a lot of reports from lumber dealers and Wood Processing Plants owners from other provinces regarding this matter.

“If I hear anyone of you who are giving in to these corrupt practices, I will cancel your permits,” he said.

During DENR-XI’s Exit Conference last May, RED Evasco reminded all his officials, specifically the PENROs and CENROs who are the frontliners of the Department, not to engage in any corrupt practices within their area of responsibility.

During his first few weeks of being installed as the new Regional Executive Director of DENR last November 2020, RED Evasco visited all his PENR and CENR Officers and reminded them to “never forego your integrity and dignity at the expense of the environment.”

7 20 CENRO MalalagIn a short ceremonial, DENR XI Regional Executive Director Bagani Fidel Evasco received the Deed of Donation of Real property yesterday, July 19, 2022 through the earnest efforts of the Local Government Unit of Sulop headed by its Municipal Mayor Jimmy Sagarino.

The donated parcel of land contains one thousand (1,000) square meter and is located in Poblacion, Sulop, Davao del Sur. It will be utilized for the construction of DENR’s new CENRO Malalag office.

The said field office is currently located in the Municipality of Malalag, Davao del Sur. It will soon be strategically relocated to the said property- a move that is pivotal as it will be more accessible to the areas under the jurisdiction of the office particularly the Municipalities of Kiblawan, Malalag and Sulop. Thus, the ease of doing business will be attained.

Once platted, its construction shall push start optimistically later this year.

7 11 DENR XI and DOT XI dive Dav OrThe Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR XI) recently collaborated with the Department of Tourism (DOT XI) for a diving activity last July 4-5, 2022. It was conducted in two of the many coral sites within Pujada bay in support of the latter’s marine protection initiatives.

DOT XI, headed by Regional Director Tanya Rabat-Tan initiated the Training for Marine Wildlife Tourism Interaction Program for the local tourism stakeholders and communities to which the said diving activity forms part of. It is to further comprehend the thriving marine ecosystems and biodiversity of the area and to shed some enlightenment on the importance of its conservation.

DENR XI Regional Executive Director Bagani Fidel A. Evasco extended his support to the DOT’s verve in preserving the marine biodiversity.

Experienced divers from both departments plunged the coral sites near Waniban and Pujada islands in Mati City with the support from the Philippine Coast Guard.

Also sharing a few of RED Evasco's underwater snaps.

7 4 ButterflyThere’s a moth that flies, a snake that slithers. And then there’s a moth that looks like a snake. And it marvelously appears like it for a reason.

The 𝐴𝑡𝑡𝑎𝑐𝑢𝑠 𝐴𝑡𝑙𝑎𝑠 is one giant moth that belongs to the family Saturniidae. They are mostly distributed in the tropical and subtropical forests of Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

These moths only live for two weeks. Since they don’t exist long, they don’t bother to eat. As they transform from larvae to an astonishing adult, they spend the rest of their days mating. Their goal is to reproduce their kind before they ran out of time.

How unique can they be? Well, they live through visual mimicry. Their wings are like no other as they are both marvelous and…spine-chilling. Once they extend it, it elaborates an image that bears a passing resemblance to a snakehead, a cobra-like one. It's this distinct appearance that shooed their predators away. Such a sneaky butterfly, indeed.