9 25 Resolving TriBoundaryRED Bagani Fidel Evasco has taken initial steps to resolve the tri-boundary conflicts or land disputes in Davao Region through a proposed harmonization process between the National Government Agencies (NGAs) and the Local Government Units (LGUs).

On his recent and separate presentations to the LGU of Davao City, Land Management Bureau (LMB) and Lands Journal Screening Committee, RED Evasco stated the core problems, policy analysis and his proposed policy recommendations.

The director believes that the attempt to realize and implement the proposed harmonization process entails full exercise of political will of the involved parties situated within these tri-boundary areas.

The tri-boundary conflicts in the region has long been a problem which resulted to piles of feuds and issues including conflicting tenurial instruments, service-delivery provision vis-à-vis to tax revenue, conflicting tax collections translate to problematic government services, poor living and economic conditions; and lack of “regional identity” for the Indigenous Peoples.