6 8 OwlIn June 6, 2020, a grass owl was found dead within a residential area in Davao City which appeared to have been entangled in a kite’s string.

It was reported and was then turned over to DENR XI with broken wings and was assessed to have acquired serious wounds causing the fall to its death.

Although kite flying is an unwinding and fun activity, this poses threat to our wildlife. Thus, we are urging the public to be responsible and sensitive to our animal species. This also serves as a reminder that any act that injures or kills our wildlife is a violation to RA 9147 or Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act. Being an unlawful action, the person involved to the injury, exploitation and death of a wildlife will be held accountable.

Please continue reaching out to DENR XI for any environmental concerns through our hotline numbers- 0906-378-8784 (Globe) or 0947-611-6083 (Smart).

Another wildlife was down due to human activities. Let’s all please be better stewards of environment.