Ecosystem Research and Development Services

The Ecosystems Research and Development rescenterBureau (ERDB) is the principal research agency of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). It was created in June 10, 1987 through Executive Order No. 192, to put R and D in the mainstream of DENR operations and provide technical backstopping for the development programs of the Department together with the Ecosystems Research and development services in  the regional offices.
As the former Dipterocarp Forest Center of the forest Research Institute (FORI) from 1974 to 1986, the focus of the sector then was only on forest production research. As a research service of the region it pursues research, development and extension (RDE) functions to provide science-based strategies for the sustainable management of the country's major ecosystems.
The Ecosystems Research and Development Service (ERDS) Region XI, in response to the pressing concern on climate change mitigation and adaptation, implemented most of its programs and projects geared towards addressing this issue.
For CY 2013 there were three  Research, Development and Extension Programs (RDEP’s) that were implemented, with various project components.  Under RDEP on Climate Change Adaptation there were  three project components, RDE Program on Sustainable Development, Management and Conservation of Natural resources  has six project components; three components  for RDE Program on Tree Improvement and three components under Technology Transfer and Extension.
Under Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, the sector has undertaken three projects such as Vulnerability Assessment of  Cateel Watershed, but since the watershed was devastated by typhoon Pablo the target watershed was replaced to Malita Watershed , Estimation of Carbon Sequestration Rates and Carbon Density of Forest Plantation Species in Region Xl and a special project on National Research and Development Project on Watershed Management which is funded by PCARRD.
Under Program on Sustainable Development, Management and Conservation of Natural Resources  the projects include Survey of Bamboo Stands and Establishment of a National Database of Economically Important Bamboo species in the Philippines, Comparative Profitability Analysis of  Different  Agroforestry Practices/schemes, Biosecurity Measures for the Protection of  Biodiversity from Invasive Alien Species Improved Rehabilitation Strategies, Schemes and Technologies for Areas Adversely Affected by Mining Activities and Highly Vulnerable and Severely Eroded Areas in Watersheds, Application of Mycorrhiza and Other Soil Amelioration for Improving Reforestation and Agroforestry.
Development of Crireria/ Indicators for the Management and Disposition of Patrimonial Properties.
Under Program on Forest Tree Improvement the project includes Germplasm Collection, Seed Production and Seed-banking of Superior Forest Trees, Forest Tree Domestication, Breeding and Conservation of Priority Indigenous forest Tree species and Development, Validation and Pilot-Testing of Vegetative Propagation Techniques in the Nursery for Priority Forest Tree Species.
Under the Technology Transfer and Extension Program the sector has undertaken three components such as Production of IEC Materials on ENR Technologies through tri-media, Extension services for Application of ENR Technology thru Technology forum and Partner Bond, and Establishment and Management of Demonstration areas of ENR Technologies.
  • Formulates and implement regional research and development program on various ecosystems and natural resources;
  • Develops and recommends technologies for packaging and transfer for effective DENR program implementation for the sustainable development of the ecosystems
  • develops manage, in collaboration with ERDB and regional experimental forests, research stations including laboratories;
  • Undertakes linkaging and networking with other government agencies, non-government organizations and international research institutions.
  • Facilitates dissemination of research information and technology to all possible users.