Welcome to PENRO - Davao Oriental


welcomePENRO Davao Oriental continuously makes difference by providing the best possible service to the public. It made important progress by helping to put the concerns of the poor and POs in the modest way by building trust with them as our partners. This is achieved by acting across multiple disciplines which often include community consultation processes and other conventional tactics and strategies like creating alliances, forging agreements, civic participations, and more. Some of these strategies were reframed to incorporate sustainability concerns especially on special projects and programs. We have conceived this far as right tools and approaches for implementing the programs and thrust of the Department. Changes for the better and smart administration made an important role in insuring this success.

This commendable performance is brought by the diligence, conviction, commitment and consistency to the task shared by the staff and personnel of the office and the proactive partnership of the clients and other government agencies.

We look ahead to see what challenges remain and what more can be done to ensure sustainable future for all people of Davao Oriental. We have set ourselves to look forward in the next years, more particularly on food security for all, rural development, sustainable livelihood, enhanced coastal resources, and reduction of poverty.