Regional DEMU


DENR Employees Union XI (DEMU XI) was registered with the Office of the Department of Labor and Employment and Civil Service Commission Manila, under Certificate of Registration No. 1060, dated 09 April 2002, pursuant to the provision of EO No.180.

The acquisition of the juridical personality of DEMU was based on the Regional Special Order No. 2001-258, issued by then Regional Executive Director Jeremias Dolino, allowing the PENROs, CENROs and Regional employees to conduct General Assembly meeting which was held on September 14, 2001 at the open court of the Regional Office.  In that General Assembly, it was decided to organize and form the DEMU within Region XI.

DEMU’s governing body is composed of the following:

1.    President
2.    Executive Vice- President
3.    Vice President for Davao Oriental
4.    Vice President for Davao del Sur
5.    Vice President for Davao del Norte
6.    Vice President for Compostela Valley

Above Officers were exercising as executive board while running the union internal affairs.

Currently the union is affiliated with the KKK, the duly organize union of the DENR wherein all Regional field Union chapter was considered automatic member.

The Regional Chapter Unions were running their union affairs having it affiliated with KKK, nevertheless, it operates with full autonomy.  The   incumbent Board occupies a set at the National KKK Board being a member and allowed to cast a vote in every General Assembly.