A.III.a.3          Forest Protection                                                      


The program's main objectives are:  1) the protection of the forestlands from any form of forest destruction thru forest fire management and protection from and control of pests and diseases; and 2) the enforcement of forest laws, rules and regulations thru the strengthening of the DENR capacity on surveillance and monitoring activities to control illegal forestland entry and occupation, smuggling and illegal logging activities, and the institutionalization of Multi-sectoral Forest Protection Committees (MFPCs) in all provinces to assist in forest protection and forest development.


Aware of the prevalence of forest fire especially during the dry season, a more aggressive conduct of training on forest fire management of trainors as well as forest land tenure holders will be supported under this program for year 2011.  Likewise, the hiring of Bantay Gubat will be pursued vigorously not only to protect the untenured natural forests, strengthen forest law enforcement, and uncover/control illegal logging activities, but also to promote employment and job opportunities aimed at reducing poverty in the upland.