Gender and Development


President Corazon C. Aquino on February 12, 1992 approved Republic Act 7192 otherwise known as Women in Development and Nation Building Act.

The said act recognizes the role of women in nation building and ensures the fundamental equality before the law of women and men.  It has afforded women rights and opportunities equal to that of men.

NEDA with assistance of the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women is mandated to ensure that the different government departments, and its agencies and instrumentalities which, directly or indirectly, affect the participation of women in nation development and their integration in the following:

  1. Formulate and prioritize rural or countryside development program or projects, provide income and employment to women in the rural areas and thus, prevent their heavy migration from rural to urban or foreign countries;
  2. Include an assessment of the extent to which their program and/or projects integrate women in the development process and of the impact of said program or projects on women, including their implication in enhancing the self reliance of women in improving their income;
  3. Ensure the active participation of women and women's organization in the development programs and/of projects including their involvement in the planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation thereof;
  4. Collect sex-disaggregated data and include such data in its program/project paper, proposal or strategy;
  5. Ensure that the program and or projects are designed so that the percentage of women who receive assistance is approximately proportionate to either their traditional participation in the targeted activities or their proportion of the population, whichever is higher.  Otherwise, the following should be stated in the program paper, proposal or strategy:
    • The obstacle in achieving the goal;
    • The steps being taken to overcome those obstacles; and
    • The extent that steps are not being taken to overcome those obstacles, why they are not being taken.
  6. Assist women in activities that are of critical significance to their self-reliance and development.

Since its implementation, the DENR Region XI has harmonized its programs and projects that are geared towards the following:

  1. Increase the participation of women and men in the decision and policy making body;
  2. Increase the awareness of stakeholder on DENR upland programs;
  3. Increase and capacitate women to get involve in forest protection activities;
  4. Extend technical assistance to upland beneficiaries by providing training/seminars on alternative livelihood and access to capital, market and other information;
  5. Increase the participation of women in the promotion of sustainable eco-tourism;
  6. Capacitate women to participate in activities against wildlife poaching;
  7. Increase awareness of stakeholders on coastal resource management;
  8. Increase awareness of women on land rights and issues;
  9. Increase awareness of stakeholder on climate change adaptation;
  10. Insure full enjoyment of women's economic and political rights; and
  11. Development and strengthen GAD Focal on ENR program management.