40 DENR-XI Provincial Employees Attend ENR Basic Course

A total of 40 selected employees from the provincial offices of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region XI are currently attending the Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) Basic Course being held at Sunnypoint Hotel. This course will run from September 10-16, 2019.

To equip the employees with basic knowledge and deeper understanding about the Department, different environmental laws that are being implemented and programs that it upholds, the training course is in line with DENR Secretary Roy A. Cimatu’s goal to strengthen DENR’s Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (PENROs and CENROs) as they are the Department’s frontliners in terms of implementing its programs and execution of different environmental laws.

Assistant Secretary for Field Operations Eastern Mindanao and Regional Executive Director Ruth M. Tawantawan encouraged all the participants to listen to all the discussions as this is an opportunity to further enhance their knowledge and become efficient employees of the Department and valuable citizens in the society.

“You have the responsibility to know by heart all our policies, the laws that we are implementing and most especially the priority programs of our Secretary,” Tawantawan said.

On the other hand, Focal Person for Region XI ENR Courses Kristiansen J. Ortanez said during his message that Secretary Cimatu has created a mobile training team to go to all the CENRO’s in the country and conduct a comprehensive ENR frontline and basic courses as part of DENR’s mandate.

With its aim to also re-orient the employees on DENR’s mandate, vision, mission, priority programs and projects, Assistant Regional Executive Director for Management Services Atty. Ma. Mercedes V. Dumagan discussed to the participants about DENR’s organizational structure, core values and the 10 priority programs of President Rodrigo R. Duterte, PDP and SDGs.


Meet “Barry”, The Rare Fish in Mabini

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) never ceases to purport strategic ways to campaign in the conservation of the country’s environment and natural resources particularly on its protected areas. Communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) has been wrapped in varied instruments to connect to people and effectively deliver the message on the importance of conserving nature and its biodiversity.

Mascot is one of those tools. Thus, the creation of “Barry”.

“Barry” the barramundi cod/ humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) mascot was designed to educate the people particularly in the spanning community of Mabini, Compostella Valley Province about the abundance of this rare species within the Mabini Protected Landscape and Seascape (MPLS).

The humpback grouper is a pale-greenish brown, black-spotted fish tagged as naturally rare and high priced both in the international and local market- ranging from P 2,000- P3,000 per kilo.

This species, which is now the flagship species of MPLS, shelters in inner-shelf reefs found underneath the Mabini waters. Although, its global distribution and population has been recorded as decreasing according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), their abundance has recently been recorded in the said protected area, which also reflects its “good condition” coral cover.

Through Barry, the DENR aims to open the eyes of the public on the presence of this rare and vulnerable species and the importance of conserving their home – the Mabini waters. Barry will be made visible during conducts of information drive to encourage the community to value the coastal and marine ecosystem and warn them about the consequences that entails illegal activities such as overfishing.

The caricature was launched in June 2019 at the DENR Marine Center, Sitio Mampising, Brgy. Tagnanan, Mabini, ComVal.

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