PEF, DENR engage children in protecting Philippine Eagles through Information Drive

June 4-10 of every calendar year is the Philippine Eagle Week, a celebration pursuant to Proclamation No. 79 which aims to strengthen public awareness on the significance of the country’s iconic bird of prey and the majestic predator in the wild- the Philippine Eagle.

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-XI) recently conducted a community celebration in Brgy. Baracatan, Toril, Davao City as an innovative effort in educating the public about the endemic eagle.

Both agencies believe that one of the best ways to ensure the conservation of the environment, including its species, is to engage and educate the community, most especially the children.

“Let’s cultivate the children to be stewards of the earth. Let’s involve them now because these young people represent the future.” Mryna Erlinda Arbiol, DENR XI’s Chief, Conservation and Development Division emphasizes.

The information drive aims to refresh everyone about how much we take pride having the most revered and most powerful bird there is in the wild. Along with these prideful facts is making them aware that the iconic eagle is also critically endangered which means that they have a narrow chance to survive if we will not take care of them.

Art workshop, storytelling and film screening were conducted for the combined students of Baracatan Elementary School, Mt. Apo Elementary School and Baracayo Integrated School.

One of the presenters was Mr. Ric Obenza, Jr, an environmentalist, artist and 2018 Datu Bago awardee who relentlessly ignites children’s ideas about nature in an artistic way. Mr. Obenza dedicates his time in planting trees daily and encourages the children and the community to adopt the same habit.

“Planting trees will lead to having a healthy forest. This means, we protect our Philippine Eagle’s home.” Obenza explains to children.

The day-long activity culminates by gathering the students and the community for a story-telling and film screening of “To Save our Eagle” a special documentary about the Philippine Eagle’s plight.

“We have to enrich the children’s values towards conserving our environment. They also have to realize environmental matters that transcend their classroom walls.” Marigelaine Arguillas, DENR-XI Protected Areas Management and Biodiversity Conservation Section Chief asserts.


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Environmental Warriors’ ideas laid through paper and lens

11-22 makakalikhasan contest winners

As the DENR XI believes in the power of youth’s profound and innovative ideas in matters of environmental protection, it once again conducted the “MakakaLIKHAsan” an Essay and Photo Contest. It is a two-day annual event that aims to earn the active participation and engagement of young environmental warriors through their piece of writing and photo material.

The essay writing revolves in the theme “One Planet. One Nation: Sustaining Green Actions for a Safer Climate.” to which, the New Corella National High School bagged the top place.

Its writer, Mary Chris D. Agarma, states in her piece entitled “Code Green: Diagnosing the Vital Signs of the Earth” that “we [people] are the leukocytes of the Earth and must work hand in hand as a nation and as a planet to protect the only home we have. The earth has long been diagnosed of a severe disease. Like treating chronic illness, necessary measures must be applied.” Strict implementation of environmental laws, reforestation and to look for other sources of renewable energy to not exhaust biofuel are among the writer’s recommendations.

The champion ended her piece with a diagnosis that the earth is “severely destructed, in need of immediate attention, care and restoration.”

For the photo contest, the Ateneo de Davao University which held the championship for two (2) consecutive years has once again bagged the top place. For this year, its entry was photographed by Anton Miguel Balagot with an engraved caption “Carbon Sequestration: A Quest for Life.”

Congratulations to all the participants- our young and creative environmental warriors and to their supportive coaches!

The DENR XI is looking forward to having you again.

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