DENR, USAID Conduct Lawin Data Management Conference

8-29 lawin dmc grand regalTo strengthen its efforts in forest protection and biodiversity monitoring, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) together with the United States Agency International Development (USAID) are currently conducting a 3-day LAWIN Data Management Conference at Grand Regal Hotel, Davao City participated in by DENR’s LAWIN data managers from Visayas and Mindanao clusters.


DENR Regional Director Ruth M. Tawantawan said in her message the need to capacitate the data managers to maximize the potential of the data management system as an aid in the never-ending quest to protect the environment.

“We must endeavor to come up with a topnotch data derived from LAWIN to address and minimize threats to our environment and to provide better data-driven decision-making. Be smart enough in our analysis, understanding, and interpretation of results,” she said. 

8-29 lawin dmc grand regal 1The LAWIN Forest and Biodiversity Protection System integrated a science-based assessment, user-friendly and the use of innovative technology on the monitoring the status of the forest. Assist the environmental monitoring especially in the forest and biodiversity of highly conservation value areas. It allows the communities and environment authority to alleviate the status of the natural forest and also to properly manage the ecosystem against degradation and deforestation.

DENR through its Forest Management Bureau (FMB) in partnership with the USAID through the Biodiversity and Watersheds Improved for Stronger Economy and Ecosystem Resilience (B+WISER) Program launched the LAWIN System last 2016 in Ilagan, Isabela.

8-29 lawin dmc grand regal 11Some of the topics that will be discussed during conference are the responsibilities and required skills for LAWIN data managers, data quality operations and implementation of the LAWIN System in protected areas. Updates on LAWIN implementation will also be discussed.

Present during the conference are: Assistant Secretary for Field Operation-Visayas and concurrent Undersecretary for Field Operations Marcial C. Amaro, Jr.; Assistant Secretary for Staff Bureaus Ricardo L. Calderon; Assistant Secretary for Field Operations-Luzon Joselin Marcus E. Fragada; Forest Management Bureau Director Nonito M. Tamayo; Director Adeluisa G. Siapno who represented Assistant Secretary for Field Operations-Mindanao Atty. Michelle Angelica D. Go and B+WISER Biodiversity and Forestry Specialist Felix Gaschick.


Hands-On-ARMS outreach activity held

To raise awareness and highlight the importance of coastal and marine resources to the local communities, especially to the youth, Department of Environment and Natural Resources -XI through its Coastal Resources and Foreshore Management Section (CRFMS) and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Compostela Valley recently conducted the Hands-On-ARMS outreach activity at Mabini Protected Landscape and Seascape (MPLS), Compostela Valley.

This interactive activity was participated by selected Grade 6 students from Don William Gemperle Elementary School in Mabini. The participants were given an opportunity to learn and observe the marine cryptobiota using a simple hand lens or magnifying glass and forceps. They also sorted and classified these small animals into their respective groups.

Despite their small size, marine cryptobiota provides various ecological good and services and serves as primary building blocks of the coral reef. Marine cryptobiota includes shrimps, crabs, hermit crabs, brittle stars, sponges, and tunicates, among others.

As part of DENR's Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program (CMEMP), the Department monitors cryptobiota with the use of Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS), a long-term collecting device that mimics the coral reef and attract these animals. The data will be collected to study on their biodiversity and the effects of climate change on reefs.



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