Cimatu to propose mandatory Environmental Office for each LGU

4-16 cimatu to propose mandatory environmental office for each lgu 3 resized“I think we will be having a better Philippines if we have a mandatory environmental office for each local government unit," is what Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Roy A. Cimatu emphasized during his speech at the 9th National Convention of the Philippine League of Local Environment and Natural Resources Officers, Inc. (PLLENRO) held at The Ritz Hotel, Davao City last week.
He said he will be very persistent in proposing to the Congress the mandatory hiring of environmental officers in all municipalities as he had heard their clamor during the said convention. He also stressed that not all municipalities have environmental officers.
4-16 cimatu to propose mandatory environmental office for each lgu 4 resized“And almost always, politicians are asking why there are still environmental problems in our municipalities. It is because we don’t have environmental officers in these towns the reason why I will really emphasize this, I will tell them that if they want to have a better environment, amend the law and make this mandatory,” he said.
Cimatu also urged all the environmental officers present during the Convention to continue to help DENR specifically its Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices (CENROs) as they are DENR’s frontliners when it comes to addressing environmental issues in the community.
He revealed that one of the main problems of the CENROs is the lack of manpower, the reason why he gave them an order to closely coordinate and work hand in hand with the municipal environmental officers to address the issues on water, air and solid waste as well as implement environmental laws.
“Although we are all over the country, we do lack manpower in our provincial offices. Half of our CENRO employees are working on the processing of land titles while the other half are working in the field being foresters and forest rangers. Good thing environmental officers from LGUs are there to help us. They are our ally when it comes to implementing environmental laws specifically on clean air, clean water and solid waste management,” he said.
4-16 cimatu to propose mandatory environmental office for each lgu resizedAfter Cimatu was appointed as DENR Secretary, one of the things that he gave priority to was strengthen the CENROs when it comes to enforcing environmental laws. He revealed they have hired additional lawyers and personnel who have knowledge about the laws on clean air, clean water and solid waste management.
He is also prioritizing the air pollution problems of the country specifically in Manila saying that vehicle emissions are among the main contributors of air pollution. He said there are already plans to shift to modernized vehicles that are EURO 4 compliant which filters more pollutants and with lower emissions.4-16 cimatu to propose mandatory environmental office for each lgu 5 resized
Cimatu’s 10 priority programs are: Enhanced National Greening Program (eNGP); clean air; clean water; solid waste management; geo-hazard, groundwater assessment and responsible mining; enhanced biodiversity conservation; scaling-up of coastal and marine ecosystems; ecosystem research and development; climate change mitigation and improved land administration and management.
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Hands-On-ARMS outreach activity held

To raise awareness and highlight the importance of coastal and marine resources to the local communities, especially to the youth, Department of Environment and Natural Resources -XI through its Coastal Resources and Foreshore Management Section (CRFMS) and Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Compostela Valley recently conducted the Hands-On-ARMS outreach activity at Mabini Protected Landscape and Seascape (MPLS), Compostela Valley.

This interactive activity was participated by selected Grade 6 students from Don William Gemperle Elementary School in Mabini. The participants were given an opportunity to learn and observe the marine cryptobiota using a simple hand lens or magnifying glass and forceps. They also sorted and classified these small animals into their respective groups.

Despite their small size, marine cryptobiota provides various ecological good and services and serves as primary building blocks of the coral reef. Marine cryptobiota includes shrimps, crabs, hermit crabs, brittle stars, sponges, and tunicates, among others.

As part of DENR's Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Program (CMEMP), the Department monitors cryptobiota with the use of Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures (ARMS), a long-term collecting device that mimics the coral reef and attract these animals. The data will be collected to study on their biodiversity and the effects of climate change on reefs.



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